Erickson Law handles all criminal cases including domestic assault, sexual assault, manslaughter, appeals, tax fraud, drug charges and DUIs in Toronto, the GTA and throughout southern Ontario.


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At Erickson Law, we believe in putting the client first. We operate with diligence and discretion and fully appreciate the sensitive nature of domestic assault accusations. Recognizing the round-­the-­clock nature of domestic assault allegations, we provide 24- hour emergency contact channels to help you. John Erickson has been a practicing assault lawyer in Toronto for more than 20 years and has successfully defended countless individuals charged with assault, domestic assault and sexual assault-related charges in Toronto, the GTA, and throughout southern Ontario.


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Criminal Defence & Sexual Assault Defence Lawyer in Toronto

John Erickson, B.A. (Hons), LL.B, is a senior criminal lawyer and Ex-Crown Prosecutor based in Toronto, Canada since 1997. With nearly two decades spent at the head of his own firm and years of Crown experience, John has accrued extensive legal knowledge, having appeared at all levels of court in Ontario to deal with many criminal charges, including:

–  Fraud and white collar crimes

Drinking and driving charges

Drug possession, trafficking and importation



Threatening and assault

Domestic assault




Constitutional litigation

John’s firm focuses exclusively on defending individuals, institutions, and corporations who are under investigation or have been charged with criminal, quasi-criminal, and regulatory offences.

John is a well-respected assault defence lawyer in Toronto, having defended many of his clients throughout the years. He is also well-recognized for his work in being a domestic assault lawyer located in Toronto. If you’re looking for someone to help you in defending an assault charge Toronto, John is here to help.

John distinguishes himself through his commitment to client care. At Erickson Law, one of our primary concerns is alleviating your stress. John understands that a client must feel comfortable and confident with their legal representative, and is always willing to answer any questions that you may have. Additionally, the Erickson Law team maintains a professional network of multidisciplinary experts that can help provide the counselling, rehabilitative services, or knowledge of family law that may arise from your criminal law charges.

Call John Erickson directly at 416-363-3612 to arrange a free consultation in Toronto or fill out the contact form below.

    Our Approach

    Criminal law has become more and more complicated with each passing year as police investigations have tried to intrude more and more into our private affairs.

    Our mission is to ensure that our clients receive expert legal advice and that their difficulties are handled with uncompromising dedication and discretion.

    More often than not, criminal law charges bring with them related personal problems including family law matters and the need for counseling. We maintain a professional network of experts to make sure you our clients are taken care of by professionals we have grown to trust over the years.

    Choosing a defence lawyer in Toronto

    • Academic and experiential knowledge.

      John Erickson has the resources and expertise needed to handle any level of court or criminal law issue. John is a highly educated veteran of the Canadian legal system. Erickson Law has been devoted to criminal defense in Toronto for nearly 20 years

    • Free consultation and affordable representation.

      Call (416)-363-3612 for a complimentary consultation where your legal options will be explained to you in full. John Erickson uses block fee billing to avoid the questionable value and cost uncertainty associated with hourly pricing. Payment plans are available.

    • Erickson Law gets results.

      Our firm has spent nearly two decades successfully defending individuals facing criminal charges in Toronto including Sexual Assault, DUI Impaired Driving, Drug Offences, Robbery, Assaults, Tax, Murder and other criminal defence services. Our value can be seen in our client testimonials, and in the legacy of successful dismissals we have built in our practice history.

    Call John Erickson at (416)-363-3612 to schedule your complimentary consultation today or anytime if this is an urgent matter or to make bail.

    We understand that the demand for legal representation can be time-sensitive and unpredictable; for those who need to contact Erickson Law outside of office hours, please forward all queries and concerns to

    "When a lawyer’s name appears in the newspapers, his client has been done a disservice."

    John Erickson, Barrister-at-Law

    Our Fees

    Reasonable Professional Fees

    Fees will depend on the complexity of your case, what you want accomplished, and how much time will be required. We usually discuss fees at the end of our first meeting. They will be set out in writing. Where feasible, we will bill on a block-fee basis rather than hourly. Block fees reduce uncertainty about your costs, help you to assess if we are affordable, and allow you to plan ahead.

    Payment Plans

    Once we agree upon the costs, we can arrange a payment plan that fits your individual financial circumstances. For your convenience, we accept cash, cheques, money orders, Visa, and Mastercard.


    • Patrick’s Case (2014): Patrick was charged with sexually assaulting AH after AH came forward and told the police that Patrick had sexually assaulted him numerous times in the early 1980s when he was a resident in a youth shelter run by Patrick.  The difficultly for Patrick was that he had previously been convicted of sexually assaulting several other young men.  At the commencement of Patrick’s trial, Mr. Erickson presented the Crown with the results of his further investigations concerning AH’s background.  Based on this new information, the Crown withdrew all charges against Patrick.
    • Ravendra’s Case (2015): Ravendra was charged with sexually assaulting his cousin, JC, after she came forward and told the police that he had sexually assaulted her numerous times when she was approximately 5 years old.  Based on the inconsistencies which Mr. Erickson uncovered during his cross-examination of JC at the preliminary inquiry, the Crown withdrew all charges against Ravendra.
    • Edwin’s Case (2014): Edwin was charged with impaired driving and “over 80” after he failed to stop for a red light and smashed into a taxi on Danforth Avenue in Toronto.  At trial, Mr. Erickson brought several pre-trial motions to exclude all statements made by Edwin at the scene of the accident as well as his breath samples results.  Following Mr. Erickson’s successful pre-trial motions, the Crown withdrew all charges against Edwin.
    • Zhenhua’s Case (2015): Zhenhua was charged with “over 80” after York Regional Police saw him pull out of a parking lot of a popular karaoke bar and swerve several times as he drove away.  Upon being stopped by police, Zhenhua failed the roadside breath test and was transported to a police division where he provided two breath samples which were both over the legal limit.  At trial, Mr. Erickson brought a pre-trial motion to have the charged stayed because his client’s right to have a trial in a reasonable time had been infringed.  After hearing argument, the Court agreed with Mr. Erickson and stayed the charge.
    • Le’s Case (2015): Le was charged with “over 80” after a police helicopter followed him to his home where several police officers surrounded him before he could get out of his car.  After being escorted off his property by the officers, Le failed a roadside breath test and was transported to a police division where be provided two breath samples which were both over the legal limit.  At trial, Mr. Erickson brought a pre-trial motion to exclude his breath samples on the basis that the police did not have lawful justification to come onto his property to investigate him.  Midway through the trial, the Crown agreed that Mr. Erickson would likely win the trial and withdrew Le’s charge.


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