Aggravated Assault Lawyer Toronto | Legal Representation For You

At Erickson Law, we believe in putting the client first. We operate with diligence and discretion and fully appreciate the sensitive nature of aggravated assault accusations. Recognizing the round-­the-­clock nature of aggravated assault allegations, we provide 24- hour emergency contact channels to help you.

The legal complexity of charges for aggravated assault in Toronto can seem overwhelming. It is important to seek the advice of an experienced lawyer if you are facing serious accusations. A skilled aggravated assault lawyer Toronto can help you protect your rights and mount a strong defence.

The crime of aggravated assault involves the deliberate infliction on another person of serious bodily injury through the use or reckless disregard of human life. This type of crime in Toronto can result in jail time, fines and a criminal record. Legal representation is therefore essential. It’s important to find a Toronto aggravated assault lawyer who is experienced and knows the law in all its aspects so that they can represent your interests effectively during court proceedings.

Erickson Law is dedicated to providing aggressive and strategic defense representation for those charged with aggravated assault in Toronto. Our team has years of experience in handling complex criminal cases. We can navigate the legal process efficiently and work hard to protect our clients’ best interests. We understand the severity of these allegations and their potential consequences and provide unwavering support and personalized attention every step of way.

Do not wait to seek legal counsel if you are charged with aggravated assault in Toronto. Contact Erickson Law to arrange a confidential consultation. Together, we will review your case, identify any legal strategies available, and develop a defence strategy that is tailored specifically for you. Erickson law will make it easier for you to face these challenges. Take control and let us ease your concerns.