The Consequences of Being Charged with Multiple DUIs

Driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs is a serious offence and a major contributor to fatal car crashes in Toronto and throughout Canada.  Being charged with one DUI offence can lead to significant legal ramifications but being charged and convicted for multiple DUIs will have even more serious consequences.

Although the penalties for a first-time offender are serious, they are much more serious for those who have been convicted two or more times.  As such, an experienced DUI lawyer is necessary in obtaining the best possible result for not only those who have been charged for the first time but also those with multiple DUIs on their record.  With over 20 years of experience, contact Erickson Law today for expert legal defence for DUI arrests.

Keep reading for more information on the consequences of being charged with multiple drinking and driving charges.

Ignition Interlock Device In Your Vehicle

The ignition interlock device is an in-car alcohol breath screening device mounted on the steering column that works by analyzing the driver’s breath samples to determine the level of alcohol within the body.  If the amount exceeds the preset limit of 20 mg of alcohol per 100 millilitres of blood (or “0.02”), then the ignition will not start. Throughout the duration of the drive, the device will prompt the driver at random times to provide further breath samples to ensure that the limit is not exceeded.

Serving A Jail Sentence

Although first-time offenders usually do not receive jail sentences, second- and third-time offenders do. The Criminal Code (section 255) provides that first-time offender receives a fine of not less than $1,000.  For second-time offenders, it provides that they receive a mandatory minimum sentence of 30 days in jail.  For those who have been convicted three or more times, it provides that they receive a mandatory minimum sentence of 120 days in jail.

Suspension of Your Driver’s License

The Criminal Code (section 259) provides for driving prohibition orders for those convicted of DUI offences.  For first-time offenders, it is between one and three years.  For second-time offenders, it is between two to five years.  For those convicted three or more times, the mandatory driving prohibition order is from three years to life.

Ontario’s Highway Traffic Act also provides for driver licences to be suspended.

Why Do I Need a DUI Lawyer?

The repercussions of having one or more drinking and driving convictions are severe and can greatly affect your life.  This is why it is essential to hire an experienced DUI lawyer to handle your case.  Drinking and driving charges are highly technical and complicated so they are best handled by a criminal defence lawyer who has the experience and skills to defend them.  A criminal defence lawyer who specializes in DUI cases will know how to achieve the best result.

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