Criminal Lawyer Toronto Free Consultation | How a Criminal Lawyer in Prepares for a Case

When facing criminal charges, having a knowledgeable and experienced criminal lawyer is crucial. At Erickson Law, we are criminal lawyers in Toronto, and we offer a free consultation to ensure you have the best defence possible. But what exactly goes into the preparation of a criminal case? Here’s a look at how a criminal lawyer prepares for a case, from gathering evidence to court appearances.

The process involves an initial consultation between the client and the attorney, in which both assess the charges against them, gather basic information, and understand each person’s perspective in order to create an initial strategy. Once retained, an extensive investigation ensues, which includes collecting and reviewing all available evidence, such as police reports, witness statements, surveillance footage and any forensic material at hand; they may even visit the crime scene to gather further details.

With evidence in hand, a lawyer conducts extensive legal research to identify precedents and relevant laws that could impact their case. This research helps develop an effective defence strategy. They look at similar charges from past cases with similar outcomes to anticipate possible scenarios and prepare accordingly. Witnesses play an essential part in criminal litigation cases; lawyers interview witnesses both to corroborate client accounts and expose any discrepancies in prosecution evidence. Furthermore, expert witnesses may be called in as experts who can aid their defence strategy.

Pretrial motions filed by lawyers serve to challenge the admissibility of certain evidence or dismiss charges altogether, and negotiations with the prosecution in an effort to potentially reduce charges or secure favourable plea agreements may also take place during this phase. When it comes time for to trial itself, meticulous planning takes place; lawyers organize evidence, write opening and closing statements for witnesses, formulate questions as well as conduct mock trials that simulate courtroom experiences for further refinement of approach or identification of any weaknesses in their cases.

At trial, lawyers typically present the defence, cross-examine prosecution witnesses, and attempt to cast doubt upon their case in order to demonstrate or at least create reasonable doubt as to their client’s innocence or, at minimum, cause reasonable doubt in regards to what might otherwise have been a guilty verdict. Criminal lawyers ensure their clients’ chances for favourable outcomes increase significantly, and this comprehensive approach underscores why having legal advocacy on your side when facing criminal charges should never be underestimated when facing criminal allegations!

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