The Right Sexual Assault Lawyer Can Secure Your Future

Rape charges no longer exist in Canada, instead there are offenses such as sexual assault, sexual interference, and sexual exploitation. Any charges involving sexual assault, child pornography, or internet luring can have a devastating impact on one’s life and reputation. For nearly 20 years, John Erickson has been a successful sexual assault lawyer in Toronto, defending countless individuals charged with sexual assault and related offenses such as possession of child pornography and internet luring. Erickson Law offers affordable services and has a proven track record of success, making it an excellent choice for individuals seeking a sexual assault lawyer in Toronto, the GTA, and throughout southern Ontario.

Sexual assault charges encompass a range of offenses, including threats of sexual assault, sexual assault with a weapon, aggravated sexual assault, internet luring charges, child pornography charges, criminal harassment, sexual interference, sexual exploitation, and voyeurism charges. Sexual assault charges are sensitive and complex requiring experienced lawyers to navigate Canada’s legal systems and protect one’s Charter rights throughout the case. Erickson Law can support you through your legal process and maintain total transparency.

Sexual assault cases can arise from historical contexts, domestic or interpersonal relationships, or instances of misidentification. Many cases are brought to court due to false confessions made by the accused who did not have a sexual assault lawyer to assist with the investigation process. These instances can cause irreparable damage to one’s reputation and future as well as waste Crown resources unnecessarily. Choosing a qualified sexual assault lawyer in Toronto can help prevent such outcomes.

Sexual Assault And The Criminal Code

The act of sexual assault is defined by the Criminal Code of Canada as “any unwanted sexual act done by one person to another or sexual activity without one’s person’s consent or voluntary agreement” (Department of Justice, 2010). A Level 1: Section 271 or Simple Sexual Assault happens when a person is touched in any way that violates their sexual integrity, including kissing, touching, intercourse, and any other sexual activity without their consent. The maximum prison sentence is ten years. A Level 2: Section 272 or Sexual Assault with a Weapon/Threats to a Third Party/Causing Bodily Harm occurs when a person is assaulted with a weapon or threatened to be harmed by someone else. The maximum prison sentence is 14 years. Level 3: Section 273 or Aggravated Sexual Assault is if the victim is wounded, disfigured, or in danger of losing their life while being sexually assaulted, the offense is considered as aggravated. The maximum prison term for aggravated sexual assault is lifetime.

There are two types of sexual assault based on the nature of the acts committed. The first is sexual assault with physical contact which includes rape or sexual relations with penetration using a part of the body or an object. Attempted rape is also considered as sexual assault. The second is sexual assault without physical contact. Sexual harassment is not a sexual offense under the Canadian Criminal Code, but it can constitute criminal sexual harassment if committed in a sexual context.

There is not time to waste when it comes to contact a sexual assault lawyer. If you need assistance, contact Erickson Law to speak with a sexual assault lawyer.

Common Defences In Sexual Assault Cases

The primary issue in many sexual assault cases is whether the sexual activity was consensual between the parties involved. The court may determine that consent was not obtained if the complainant is incapacitated due to intoxication or lacks the mental capacity to consent. Other factors come into play and at Erickson Law we get to the bottom of the story and provide top-notch defence. An accused may also argue that they honestly believed that there was consent for the sexual activity however cannot rely on self-induced intoxication, willful blindness, recklessness, or failing to take reasonable steps to confirm if the complainant was consenting.At Erickson Law we support your interests in seeking a positive resolution to your legal problems and criminal charges.

The legal system can be intimidating and difficult to comprehend at times. At Erickson Law we ensure that every one of our clients fully understands their rights so that we can protect them effectively. Our goal is to provide positive advocacy during every one of our trials and to exceed our clients’ expectations by giving them proficient representation. If you retain our services, we will strategically assess your case and present the best possible defense. We will help you understand the legal requirements to defend the case against you beyond a reasonable doubt. Our firm has an outstanding track record of defending clients with skillful representation from the earliest stages of the criminal process through to trial. Our criminal lawyers emphasize professionalism, client service, and passionate advocacy.

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