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It can be difficult to navigate the legal complexities surrounding assault charges in Toronto. It is important to seek the advice of an experienced lawyer if you are facing these allegations. A Toronto assault lawyer is crucial to protecting your rights and mounting an effective defense. The impact of assault charges on your life can be significant. These effects may be immediate, or they can have a long-term impact on your employment, future family court proceedings and travel plans, as well as relationship opportunities. It is important to hire a Toronto assault lawyer who has the necessary qualifications to protect you from false accusations and avoid life-altering outcomes.

Erickson Law focuses on aggressive, strategic defense representation of individuals accused of assault in Toronto. Our team has years of experience in handling complex criminal cases. We can navigate the legal process efficiently and work hard to protect our clients’ best interests. We understand the severity of these allegations and their potential consequences and provide unwavering support and personalized attention every step of way.

A court in Canada will often place restrictions on an accused person to prevent him from contacting certain individuals. These measures are meant to prevent future crimes, but can be unfair to people who face unfounded allegations. You can avoid unnecessary separation from your family and home by contacting a seasoned assault lawyer.

Choosing Erickson Law For Your Assault Lawyer

Erickson Law has been in the legal profession for nearly 20 years. He has dealt with every level of the Ontario court system. Erickson Law offers complimentary consultations to clients, helping them confirm their choice. Our clients’ needs are our first priority. Assault allegations require discretion and diligence. To assist you, we provide emergency contact channels that are available 24 hours a days and 7 days a weeks.

To schedule a consultation, contact us today. Call us at (416) 363-3612 or use our online contact form to find out why Erickson Law  is the right choice for you.

If you have been charged with assault, contact Erickson Law for a confidential consultation. Erickson Law can assist you in overcoming these challenges. Together we will examine the details of your case and identify any available legal strategies. Let us help you take control of your situation.