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In Canada, sexual assault and aggravated assault are both taken seriously. You may feel that the world is closing in on you, and you’re alone in the fight of your lifetime if you have been charged.

John Erickson has been defending individuals accused of sexual assault and aggravated assault successfully for over 20 years. Erickson Law, with its proven track record of successful representation in Toronto as a criminal defence lawyer. Erickson’s legal acumen and expertise have helped him successfully defend countless people who faced criminal charges.

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What Should You Do If You Are Charged with Domestic, Sexual, or Aggravated Violence?

You should not resist arrest from the police. If you ignore the police, charges may be increased. It is best that you comply with police orders even if you think you’re innocent. You should look to immediately after you speak to a lawyer at first opportunity and contact a knowledgeable criminal defence lawyer such as John Erickson.

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Many people believe that if they are arrested and detained, providing the police with as much information as they can be in their favour. It’s not a good idea to do this. When asked, only give your true name and date of birth. The best thing to do is to request to speak to an lawyer immediately so that we can help build your case for your defence. You have the right to remain silent, and this cannot be used later against you. You also have the right not to answer any questions other than those relating to your basic identity.

Defence of an Assault Charge

When it comes to assault crimes, the Crown adopts an aggressive and stringent approach. What does it mean? This could mean that bail and other conditions of release are more difficult for accused. It is important to act quickly when a legal issue arises. Please contact Erickson Law immediately to help defend you against an assault charge.

Strengthen Your Defence With A Trusted Criminal Lawyer

You and your family are going through a difficult time. Even first-time criminals could face jail time.

John Erickson, a Toronto-based senior criminal defence lawyer with a wealth of experience in dealing with charges relating to sexual assault and aggravated abuse, is an expert on these matters. He provides prompt and accurate answers to questions and is dedicated to providing excellent client service.

John Erickson is dedicated to reviewing the facts of your case in order to prepare you for trial. The Crown Attorney’s Office will aim to prosecute your case aggressively. A lawyer who is willing to work harder for you is what you need. It is crucial to act quickly if you need legal help!

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