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When facing domestic assault charges, the legal process can be overwhelming and confusing. With the help of an experienced domestic assault lawyer at Erickson Law, you can have a chance to defend yourself against the allegations. We use a range of strategies to help build a strong defense and our domestic assault and criminal defense lawyer operates justly considering all circumstances of your case.

With his proven record of success and the high importance that he places on affordable client care, Erickson Law is a prudent choice for those seeking a domestic assault lawyer in Toronto.

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What Is Domestic Assault?
Domestic assault refers to any type of assault or violent offense that takes place between current or former partners, between children and their guardians, or any people in an intimate relationship. The Criminal Code includes a range of assault offenses, such as assault, assault causing bodily harm, assault with a weapon, aggravated assault, and sexual assault. In addition to these offenses, individuals who are charged with domestic violence may also face charges related to uttering threats, implying harm against a person, criminal harassment, prohibited conduct, or mischief.

Why You Need A Domestic Assault Criminal Defence Lawyer
Failing to secure a qualified domestic assault criminal defence lawyer in Toronto can be disastrous for the accused, even when no crime has been committed. When responding to reports of alleged domestic violence, police will almost always choose to arrest even when it is just one person’s word against another or the circumstances suggest that the allegations are false. As a result, many innocent people are arrested for crimes they did not commit. If you are accused of assault or domestic violence, you will typically be held for a bail hearing and forced to abide by strict bail conditions until your trial is finished or you bring an application before a judge to modify.

Erickson Law is a trusted domestic assault criminal defence lawyer in the Greater Toronto Area with a wealth of knowledge and experience defending individuals like you who have been charged with domestic assault in the GTA and throughout southern Ontario.

John Erickson will work hard to carefully review the circumstances of your case and prepare you for trial.  The Crown Attorney’s Office will prosecute your case vigorously. You need a lawyer who will work even harder for you.

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