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John Erickson is a domestic assault lawyer who has been practicing in Toronto for nearly 20 years. He has successfully defended many individuals accused of assault or domestic assault charges in Toronto, GTA and all over southern Ontario.

Erickson Law, with its proven track record and high priority on providing affordable client care in Toronto, is the best choice for anyone looking for a domestic violence lawyer.

Why You Should Consider A Domestic Assault Lawyer

Even if there was no crime committed, failing to hire a Toronto domestic assault lawyer can have disastrous consequences for the accused. Police will arrest people when they respond to a report of domestic violence even if it’s just one person saying something against another, or if the circumstances indicate that the accusations are false. Many innocent people are arrested and charged with crimes they didn’t commit. If you’re accused of domestic violence or assault, you may be forced to attend a bail hearing. You will also have to adhere to strict bail conditions up until the end of your trial or if you apply to a judge for modification.

Domestic violence and spousal assault allegations are often made just before a divorce or separation, when emotions are high. Domestic assaults are often a one-sided affair, as they usually take place in the home. These cases are complex and volatile. They can have serious consequences if you don’t hire a domestic assault lawyer.

A qualified assault attorney can make the difference between being convicted or cleared of charges. Erickson Law’s Toronto offices have a qualified domestic assault lawyer who can negotiate with the Crown Attorney on behalf of accused clients.

If you require an assault lawyer in Toronto, then making the right choice is imperative. Get in touch with our team today to book your free consultation and learn why you need Erickson Law on your side. Call (416)­ 363-­3612