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Erickson Law provides expert legal representation, offering you the chance to effectively fight domestic assault charges through a well-crafted defence strategy. Erickson Law prioritizes cost-effective and compassionate client care – an ideal choice if you are searching for a domestic assault lawyer in Toronto.

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What Constitutes Domestic Assault?

Domestic assault refers to any form of physical, sexual, and/or psychological violence within intimate relationships involving current or former partners, children and their guardians, or closely related individuals. The Criminal Code covers various categories of assault: simple assault, bodily injury assault with weapon use (bodily harm), weapon assault (aggravated), sexual assault as well as related offenses like threatening behavior or criminal harassment and any form of misconduct.

Why Hire a Specialized Domestic Assault Defence Lawyer in Toronto?

Consulting an experienced domestic assault defence lawyer in Toronto is essential, especially as law enforcement may arrest an accused on minimal evidence or one-sided allegations, leading to potentially unwarranted charges and possible false accusations. Individuals accused are held for bail hearings before being placed under stringent conditions pending their trial or review of their bail status.

Erickson Law stands out from its competitors in the Greater Toronto Area by providing exceptional defence services for individuals charged with domestic assault in Southern Ontario.  John Erickson ensures an in-depth review and preparation of your case, so you are fully prepared for a vigorous prosecution.

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