Tax Evasion Defence Lawyer GTA | What Is Tax Fraud?

The Canadian laws on tax fraud and charges of tax evasion have a severe punishment. Recent studies have estimated that the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency), misses over $50 billion dollars in unpaid tax every year. This estimate is alarming because it does not include tax fraud committed offshore.

We strongly recommend that if you face tax fraud charges or are worried that you might be reported, you speak to a tax evasion defense lawyer in the GTA before making your next move.

What Is The Difference Between Tax Fraud And Tax Evasion?

Tax fraud and tax avoidance are both sides of the coin. However, they are not interchangeable or synonymous. Tax avoidance is more like a legal loophole.

Tax fraud may occur if you provide false information in your tax return. Tax fraud occurs when a tax payer:

  • • Overstates the amount of their expenditure
  • • Fails to disclose their total income
  • • Fails to file a return
  • • Claiming to live in one province when actually living elsewhere


It is the deliberate and knowing deception of tax information in order to pay less than what is actually due.

What is Tax Evasion?

The CRA accepts that many taxpayers use legal methods to reduce their tax liability. Tax evasion can occur if a tax payer uses dishonest tactics to conceal their income or to claim deductions they are not entitled.

Legal Implications of Tax Fraud

Tax fraud is a hot topic. You may face fines or jail time if you are found guilty of tax fraud in Canada. Both will appear on your permanent criminal history.

Facing Tax Fraud Charges?

It is important to act quickly if you want to object to an audit by the CRA. You only have 90 days to act on your appeal!

Tax fraud cases often involve a lot of financial documents that need to be assessed carefully. Contact John Erickson, a Toronto criminal defense lawyer with 20 years’ experience in defending people charged with tax fraud.