Selecting a DUI Lawyer: What to Ask

When you find yourself in need of a DUI/DWI lawyer in Toronto, you will quickly see that you have a wide selection. But picking the right defence lawyer could make or break your defence in court. What questions do you need to ask a potential DUI defence lawyer to measure their potential for success in court?

Erickson Law boasts has an outstanding track record of DUI defence experience; read our blog below and make sure you are informed and ready to make a decision when it gets down to the wire. Remember to ask these questions to find the most qualified DUI lawyer in Toronto!

“How many years have you worked in DUI defence?”

Asking for how many years they have been in law might give you unrealistic expectations in their abilities, as DUI defence is a very unique type of defence that requires extensive experimental background.

“How many DUI cases have you defended?”

You need to feel like your defence lawyer is backed by years of substantial DUI defence experience, but the amount of cases matters more than the time frame. A lawyer with a particular expertise in DUI defence is crucial.

“Have you ever worked with a case that was similar to mine?”

The last thing you need is a lawyer who views your case as unique or a learning experience. All cases are different, but finding a lawyer who has seen similar circumstances in other cases will help you get the legal help you need.

“What challenges and outcomes do you foresee for my case?”

An experienced DUI defence lawyer will be able to tell you what potential challenges you may face in the court. However, be wary of any lawyer who guarantees a particular outcome. A reputable lawyer will not make false promises about a particular outcome and the only guarantee that a truthful lawyer can make is to try their hardest to defend you to the very best of their ability.

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