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COVID-19 has not only impacted various private businesses, both big and small, but also the public institutions that we heavily rely upon. This includes the Ontario court system.

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PLEASE NOTE that all Ontario Courts are closed until further notice and all cases are being automatically adjourned to at least June 4, 2020. Mr. Erickson will keep his clients updated on important dates once known. In the meantime, he is doing his best to expedite in-custody and emergency cases to protect his clients against vulnerable situations.


How Ontario Courts Are Operating Right Now

In response to the pandemic, the Ontario Court of Justice issued a directive on March 15 and another on March 28 to reduce the number of people who attend court for criminal and family matters as well as cases relating to the Provincial Offences Act.

All family trials, criminal trials, and preliminary inquiries between March 20 and June 4 are temporarily suspended, subject to change at the judge’s discretion. This applies to both in-custody and out-of-custody cases.

If you fall under one of the following categories, an exception may be made;

Urgent Criminal and Family Matters: As of March 28, all urgent criminal and family proceedings will be conducted via telephone and/or video conferencing. Attendance in court for those cases will be limited to the judicial official and essential court staff.

Urgent/Essential Criminal Intake Court: This will involve controlled attendance at court.

Filing Urgent Court Documents: Court documents for urgent cases can be filed by email. If the accused or their defence is unable to do so, alternative arrangements may be made by contacting the local courthouse remotely for further instructions.

To flatten the curve, the Ontario Court is also reducing the number of courtrooms that will operate during this time. Judicial officers, however, will remain available to preside over:

– Regularly scheduled bail hearings, remands, pleas for in-custody proceedings

– Pleas for urgent out-of-custody matters

– Urgent family proceedings

– Matters under the purview of the Health Protection and Promotion Act

– Urgent and/or essential intake court functions


Turn to a Trusted Criminal Defence Lawyer

The Ontario Court of Justice allows for the use of video and audio technology to remotely address criminal matters. As of right now, this applies to the interactions between lawyers and their clients. This is especially advantageous for in-custody clients who require urgent legal support to obtain bail. Rest assured, while the approach and delivery have changed, your working relationship with Erickson Law will not be affected.

Your case is important to us and despite the obstacles and limitations we’re facing, Erickson Law works around the clock to provide the support you need. We will continue to update our clients regularly on important court dates, and use this period of stagnancy to your advantage.


Your Next Steps

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