Domestic Assault & Sexual Assault: How to Strengthen Your Defence From Day One | Sexual Assault Lawyer, Toronto

Domestic and sexual assault charges in Canada are viewed under a grave light. If you’re facing charges of this nature, we strongly recommend getting in touch with a good domestic assault lawyer or sexual assault lawyer without delay. 

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John Erickson is an experienced assault criminal defence lawyer in Toronto with a successful track record backing his professional career. He has worked with clients all over the GTA and Southern Ontario.

For over 20 years, Erickson has used his legal acuity and knowledge to successfully defended countless individuals who’ve faced all manner of criminal charges.

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What is Domestic & Sexual Assault?

In Canada, sexual assault has quite a broad definition. To conflate all its meanings in as precise a manner as possible, sexual assault usually points to non-consensual activity that exploits the sexual integrity of another individual. 

In the same way, domestic assault doesn’t involve one specific activity. Rather, it covers abuse or violence that takes place within the purview of what can be considered a domestic relationship (common-law partners, married couples, friends-with-benefits, parent and child relationships, boyfriend-girlfriend relationships, and so on).


What to Do If You Are Charged With Domestic or Sexual Assault

Do NOT resist arrest. The charges could be escalated if you violate direct police orders. Even if you believe you are innocent of these accusations, comply with the police and contact John Erickson as soon as you are able to speak with a lawyer. 

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Upon their arrest and detention, a lot of people assume that providing as much information as possible to the police will work in their favour. 

This isn’t a wise course of action. Only truthfully provide your name and date of birth when asked. It’s best to then request to speak with a lawyer immediately. 

Remember, you have a constitutional right to silence – this cannot be used against you later on. If you are asked any questions other than this basic identification information, you have the right to firmly and politely decline. 


The Challenges of a Domestic or Sexual Assault Case

The Crown usually adopts a stringent and aggressive approach when it comes to crimes concerning domestic or sexual abuse.

What does this mean? It could entail that acquiring bail and other relevant release conditions are more challenging for the accused.  

Time legal intervention is of the utmost importance. We strongly urge you to reach out to Erickson Law today, and start building a strong defence right at the outset. 


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Erickson Law is a trusted criminal defence lawyer in Toronto with a wealth of knowledge and experience defending individuals like you who have been charged with domestic assault in the GTA and throughout southern Ontario. 

John Erickson will work hard to carefully review the circumstances of your case and prepare you for trial.  The Crown Attorney’s Office will prosecute your case vigorously. You need a lawyer who will work even harder for you. 

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